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All4Labels represents digital and sustainable packaging solutions in response to today’s challenges. As a global leader in the packaging industry, we combine innovation and quality. As an employer, we are proud to create an environment that fosters individual growth and development. This is why everyone at our company gets the opportunity to forge a successful career in an internationally operating enterprise. With decades of experience and a global network, we offer tailored solutions for customers worldwide. To facilitate this, our employees have access to cutting-edge technology and equipment. We ensure that each individual can fully utilize their skills by providing ongoing training opportunities and numerous avenues for personal and professional advancement.

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Responsibility & Diversity

Let’s shape the future together.


At All4Labels, every unique story, background, and talent is valued, as we cherish the individuality of each person. Every team member brings their distinctive touch, enriching our dynamic and ever-growing company. We embrace and support the diverse skills of each individual, providing equal opportunities for all employees to showcase their strengths and thrive within the All4Labels community.


We are working to support the packaging industry in its digital and sustainable transformation. We want to drive change because we care about our people, our planet and our customers. For this reason, we have set ourselves important goals in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have already achieved some of them and will achieve more by 2030.


We want to make a difference. Together with and for our employees, customers and suppliers, we are committed to shaping a sustainable and responsible future. To support our employees in this endeavor, we have, for example, introduced the All4Labels Code of Conduct, which is binding for all employees worldwide.

Employee Stories
I appreciate the good combination of collegial and autonomous work and the positive working atmosphere that I experience every day. What I really like about this job is the opportunity to work with modern machines and the latest technology.

Rico Grotherr

Printing media technologist

Designed to make you happy: Employee benefits

As part of our team at All4Labels, you can expect a various range of workplace benefits.


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International Environment

Time to shine!

Are you a student? Perfect. Just completed your training? Perfect. Want to try something new? Perfect. Regardless of where you are in your career journey or what you’ve done before, at All4Labels, you’ll discover thrilling professional prospects.

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Our Core values

The CORE of All4Labels


We strive for excellence every day. By embracing challenges, we develop innovative ideas which in turn result in tailor-made solutions. Our curiosity opens up new paths, breaks familiar patterns and allows us to reinvent ourselves. The result? Satisfied partners and committed teams. Our dedication to high quality is the driving force behind our continued growth and success.

One Team

We pride ourselves in being an international team with multifaceted strengths, talents and know-how. Our short communication paths and culture of respect enable us to support each other directly and combine our diverse range of skills to develop and execute new ideas. Together we are unbeatable. This collaborative spirit drives our success and fuels our passion for continuous improvement.


Responsibility to our partners, colleagues, fellow human beings and the environment is our lodestar. In particular, health and safety is of highest priority in all our plants as it is an integral part of our company strategy. Our safety-first commitment leads to a safe environment for everyone and a sustainable treatment of resources. We know that our today’s actions shape our future of tomorrow.


We care deeply about empowering each other. All our actions are driven by the expertise of our people. With our flat hierarchy and agile structures, each individual is heard and empowered to learn and use their talents and skills to make a difference. It is this commitment to empowerment and a workplace of continuous learning, that is the key to our success.


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A passion for quality: Alba, Quality Analyst in Indaiatuba, Brasil has been working in the plant since 2018. Trained as a Safety Technician, she first started out in the HR area and later returned to her field of expertise, quality. Since 2021 Alba has been promoted to Quality Analyst and manages the quality system, audits and customer satisfaction. Working in the field of quality taught her the importance of teamwork to achieve excellence and boosted her personal development as well as interpersonal relationships.

💡 One of her biggest learnings in her career? Passion for work makes us more productive and happier!

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From apprentice to Corporate Operations Controller: Bennet continuously develops himself with All4Labels since 2016. During his apprenticeship as an industrial clerk, his studies in Management & Digitalization and his various positions, it’s amazing to see how an employee grow and gain experience in our industry. He sets a great example of what you can achieve at All4Labels when starting out as an apprentice. We’re looking forward to more years of growth and collaboration to come!
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Empowerment and learning: Clayton, Production Supervisor in Indaiatuba is an example of promoting an environment of continuous learning. He’s all about empowering each other and believes that growth only happens when we are willing to learn and share what we know - no matter the position. 📖 Learning something new in the printing industry every day fulfills and motivates him, even after almost two decades with the company. Find out more about how he keeps his team engaged! 👉

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Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Racism. Since 1966, this day is an important sign against racism. It also marks Human Right Day for our South African colleagues in Cape Town and Durban.
At All4Labels, we stand up against all forms of racism - in our society and in our company. Rooted in our CORE values #oneteam and #empowerment, we strive towards an inclusive working environment, where different perspectives, views and backgrounds are respected. Diversity is our strength!

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